Troy Anderson`s Wonderful World Band Bio

Troy Anderson & The Wonderful World Band is one of the finest bands to hit The South Florida Beat.

Anderson’s Armstrong is too natural to be called uncanny. He starts out with the look and slips easily into the rest, the dinner jacket, the trumpet-with hanky, the roly-poly voice and joie de vivre

Sean Piccoli: Music Reveview Reporter Sun Sentinal Ft,Lauderdale

The Wonderful World Band EU is an ensemble of some of the best musicians Budapest Hungary has to offer.

Troy Anderson, Lead Vocals\Trumpet. Lead Soprano 78-79 Florida Vanguards Drum & Bugle Corps, 80-81 Lead Soprano The Bayonne Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps, 3yrs with the 2AD (FWD) U.S Army Jazz Show Band Garlstedt West Germany. The Ohara’s Jazz All-Stars with Jesse Jones, Dr. Lonnie Smith and a host of South Florida’s Finest Bands. Anderson also performed and starred as Louis Armstrong with The Gold Coast Jazz Society’s Who was Louis Armstrong Jazz Series teaching the elementary student about the life of Satchmo.

Kalman Cseki: Pianist- Studied at The Bela Bartok Jazz Conservatory, He has and Composed for and with Roby Lakatos group 12 years and has made several recordings with The Deutsche Grammophon label. He has also performed with The London Symphony  Orchestra, The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Vadim Repin, Ida Haendel, Stephane Grappelli, Randy Brecker, and Tony Lakatos and has been with Anderson since 2014.

Tibor Duka: Bass- Studied music in Antwerp Belgium, Found his way to Las Vegas performing in every type of band imaginable Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop and New World and has been with Anderson since 2016.

Janos Sramko: Drummer is a graduate from The Liszt Music Academy, He has performed for many of Hungary`s jazz artist. Istvan Regos, Kati Bontovics, Aladar Pege and International artist  Woody Shaw, Jiggs Wigham, Ernie Wilkins and has been with Anderson since 2015

Anderson with this lineup and you have a receipt for an Explosive night of Entertainment.

Anderson is the Winner of The Sunburst Convention’s Celebrity Tribute Artist Gold Showcase Award 2009 as Louis Armstrong

Stage Door Canteen New Orleans with The Victory 6 Swing Band January 2010

Stage Door Canteen New Orleans with The Victory 6 Swing Band July 2010

Anderson and The Wonderful World Band are the 1st place Winner of The Celebrity Tribute Artist Convention Award Las Vegas 2011.

Houston Symphony Music Matters/What a Wonderful World Gala 2011 Houston Tx

Dr. Maya Angelou Brilliant Lecture Series 2011 Houston Tx

Anderson is also the Winner of The 20th Annual Reel Awards Classic Crooner Award as Louis Armstrong 2011.

2011- presently Networking throughout EU and Mexico

Poland, Budapest, Norway, England, Germany

2011 The Old Jazz Meeting Ilwawa Poland

2013 Norway -Color Line Cruises The Troy Anderson Trio

2014 -2017
The International Street Festival in Wokingham England

The Old Mans Pub Budapest Hungary 2014
Kalman Cseki-Piano
Peter Olah- Bass
Janos Sramko- Drums

Europa Theme Park (Bell Rock Hotel) in Rust Germany 2014

BMB Mexico City Mexico 2014

Il Canto Mexico City

Melody Mexico City

The Green Mill Chicago

Color line Cruises Norway 2013- present

Kalman Cseki- Piano
Peter Olah- Bass

Silja Cruise line Helsinki Finland/ Stockholm Sweden/ Tallin Estonia 2015- present
Kalman Cseki-Piano
Tibor Duka- Bass
Janos Sramko- Drums

Tonsberg Jazz Klubb 2016 with The Shoeshine Boys Tonsberg Norway

Tonsberg Jazz Klubb 2017 Ella and Louie Show with Majken Christensen Tonsberg Norway

Jazz Club Storyville Helsinki Finland 2016
Kalman Cseki – Piano
Tibor Duka – Bass
Janos Sramko- Drums

Troy Anderson and The Wonderful World Band The Ella & Louie Show featuring Joyce Hurly
Cosmopol Casino Malmo Sweden 2016

Troy Anderson and The Wonderful World Band
Cosmopol Casino Malmo Sweden 2017

Troy Anderson and The Wonderful World Band
Chicago Jazz Club Stockholm Sweden 2017

Jazzzdrój Festival with Joanna Morea and her All Stars Konstancin-Jeziorna Poland 2017

Koncert Noworoczny with LeoBand Orchestra Warsaw Poland 2018

Miami Jazz Co-op Jazz at Jackson 2018
Brad Keller – Piano
Jason Furman – Drums
Agustin Conti Bass

Boca Black Box 2018
Brad Keller – Piano
Jason Furman – Drums
Paul Shewchuk – Bass

Fishtails 2018
Brad Keller – Piano
Jason Furman – Drums
Agustin Conti – Bass

Blue Jean Blues 2018
Brad Keller – Piano
Danny Burger -Drums
Paul shewchuk -Bass

Silja Lines Symphony/ Serenade 2018

Movie Scene as Louis Armstrong for the movie Capone starring Tom Hardy 2018

PROM Kultury Saska Kepa Warsaw Poland 2018
Joanna Morea Sax/Vocal
Dymitr Markiewicz – Trombone
Pawel Tartanus- Banjo/ Vocal
Wojciech Puszek- Piano
Stanislav Pietrzyk- Drums
Lukasz Makowski- Bass

Festival Muzyka Sandomierzu Sandomierzu Castle Poland 2018 ( Ella and Louie Show)
Joanna Morea Sax/ Vocal
Dymitr Markiewicz- Trombone
Jarek Malys Trio

Cafe Jazz Festival Radom Poland 2018 ( The Carling Family, Dymitr Markiewicz, Joanna Morea, and Roger Berg

Festival Filmowy Swiat Maklaka Konstancin-Jerziorna Poland 2018

Muszla Koncertowa Parku Praskiego Warsaw Poland 2018

Herr Nielsen Oslo Norway 2018

The Oslo Hot Five
David Arthur Skinner – Piano
Stig Hvalryg – Bass
Torstein Ellingson – Drums
Georg Reiss – Clarinet
Hans Ingelstam – Trombone

Tonsberg Jazz Klubb 2018
The Oslo Hot Five

Centrum Sztuki Moscice with Sting Orchestra 2018

Color Line Cruise 2018

Silja Line Cruise 2018

YouTube: Troy Anderson and The Wonderful World Band
(49) 0176 24253218 (Germany)

954 274-6500 (US)